Urban planning

Whatever the need – creating eco-neighbourhoods, redeveloping existing quarters or upgrading brownfield sites - Nacarat helps local government authorities to implement their spatial planning projects. We design and develop spaces in which people can live, raise children, have fun, work, purchase goods and services, move around, share, and find fulfilment… In short, places where it feels good to live together.

Helping local authorities to implement their urban planning policies

Upstream from its involvement in the real estate supply chain as a property developer, Nacarat offers local government authorities its experience in the management of large-scale spatial planning projects. Connecting the public and private sectors, we work with elected officials to draw up long-term urban regeneration and development strategies. Our strong regional presence guarantees closeness to stakeholders and local knowledge. In addition, we offer local authorities a broad range of capabilities thanks to Nacarat’s deep expertise in commercial, retail and residential property as well as in managed accommodation. We manage all aspects of major spatial planning projects (administrative, technical, legal, financial) at all stages in their implementation, from project design to the construction of assets. Our emphasis on dialogue and consultations with stakeholders are the keys to the success of such projects. The extent of our support for local authorities is also reflected in our stringent environmental standards. Our national presence allows us to implement innovative and pragmatic solutions to the problem of neighbourhood energy transition in all regions in which we operate.

In the field of urban planning, Nacarat operates in two major sectors:

Rehabilitation of urban brownfield sites

Committed to rebuilding the city over itself, we act as the planner-concession company or developer involved in the re-appropriation of industrial brownfield sites. In order to make these new spaces sustainable, we ensure that they are given a multifunctional role and meaningful complementary features. We endeavour to produce smart developments in which people are able to live well, work and trade for a long time. Engaged in the 3rd industrial revolution, we are working on producing next-generation neighbourhoods, in both service sector and residential property. These neighbourhoods feature smart facilities and generate renewable energy. They foster vital communities in a high quality living environment.

Designing new eco-neighbourhoods and upgrading existing quarters

Our urban construction programmes aim to achieve age diversity (housing for seniors, students and economically active people), functional diversity (homes, offices, shops, services) and social diversity (social housing, regulated affordable housing and private housing). As pioneers in eco-design, we offer imaginative architecture and landscaping that recreate urban centralities. These favour soft connections, keep traffic flows under control and make for a better shared living environment… all of which revitalises urban areas and strengthens social bonding between inhabitants.



What we do

  • Land purchasing
  • Releasing of rights-of-way (demolition, depollution, etc.)
  • Monitoring the resettlement/relocation of occupiers and small traders
  • Monitoring administrative and expropriation procedures, revising urban planning documents 
  • Appointing teams to assist the contracting authority (area chief architect and urban planner, surveyor) and the project management team in charge of public spaces
  • Consultations – collaborative approach to design
  • Conducting urban planning and construction programme studies, monitoring of works
  • Setting environmental aims and achieving them
  • Delegation of responsibility for expropriation procedures
  • Marketing of parcels of land to property developers

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