Social housing

Because of its involvement in social housing along with public housing operators, Nacarat wants to strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors by encouraging new forms of cooperation between them. They share a common aim: to ensure housing for everyone.

Developing a sustainable social housing offering

In compliance with the Solidarity and Urban Regeneration (SRU) law and our commitment to sustainable housing, we include social housing units in most of our new-build residential development programmes. We sell dedicated lots on a bulk basis to providers of social housing. The housing units we offer benefit from our upstream investment in eco-design. They meet the most stringent regulatory requirements and offer tenant-occupiers the highest standards of comfort and environmental performance.

Establishing new public-private sector cooperation and coordination structures

In order to meet the growing demand for the construction of social housing, we have strengthened our ties with social housing providers. Thus, Nacarat has developed an innovative partnership between the public and private sectors based on new legal and technical arrangements. The purpose of this cooperation and coordination framework is to stimulate the production of homes.

Pooling expertise to stimulate the production of homes

In order to optimise costs and construction lead times, while maintaining the same level of quality, we leverage the skills and expertise of the companies that form part of the Rabot Dutilleul group, which provide the appropriate industrial and technical solutions. These notably feature the industrialisation of production processes and the prefabrication of complete modules (such as bathrooms, for example) prior to worksite delivery.

Inventing new forms of financial structuring

Following many months of hard work involving the various stakeholders and the Ministry of Territorial Equality and Housing, we have also helped to develop a new funding model. As a result, the French Building Code now allows social housing providers to integrate the capital of non-trading real estate construction and marketing companies (SCCVs) and to mobilise less equity capital for building purposes through off-plan purchasing transactions with institutional investors. This mechanism has been enshrined in the new Alur law governing the renting of property in France.

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