Retail property

Designing large multifunctional complexes that combine housing units, office spaces, shops… Fostering the development of mixed activities that add value to the ground floors of buildings… Managing shopping mall developments in town centres or retail parks in suburban areas… Nacarat provides a broad range of expertise in retail property development. It helps local governments and large landowners to implement their local development projects to enhance urban vitality.

Fostering sustainable retail property developments

Nacarat takes charge of the programming and management of retail property developments in town or city centres and suburban areas in France and Europe (Belgium, Poland). We provide practical solutions to the urban and economic challenges faced by retail property development. Our expertise as a general property developer contributes to the success of such projects. We work hand-in-hand with architects as well as technical and financial partners. In addition, we leverage a national and international network of specialists in retail property, shopping centre management and ground floor value enhancement. These partnerships result in the delivery of attractive, high-performance retail hubs on the right scale for the local area, development and built environment concerned… Users also view these retail spaces as living areas, meeting points and places for socialising. Finally, our eco-design approach to retail developments ensures that they meet the stringent requirements of French and international quality labelling and certification standards.

Nacarat’s retail property offering comprises two main components:

Multifunctional developments and ground floor retail outlets

Our multifunctional urban developments combine homes, hotels, retail outlets, services and office spaces. Our expertise in the various property-related trades makes for seamless interaction between our developments and their consistency with town- or city-centre marketability. They complement each other, thereby dynamising the local retail trade and enhancing the well-being of the local inhabitants, who take ownership of these new convivial spaces. We also act as advisors to local government authorities and their urban planners on how to leverage ground floor retail activity. Our building programmes respect the surrounding environment and the specific features of each site. They promote the attractiveness of each site by providing a range of structuring activities and various clusters of local amenities (medical services, professional services, retail outlets, etc.) that distinguish each development from the others and enhance its value and that of its neighbourhood.

Shopping centres - Retail parks

We manage the development of shopping centres and retail parks. These strategically located and environment-friendly developments combine marketability, visibility and accessibility. We are innovative in offering retail hubs whose services meet new consumption patterns and seek to re-enchant the visitor’s purchasing experience by maximising user comfort and conviviality. Our shopping centres are living spaces where visitors can purchase goods and services, but also wander around, relax and have fun…

What we do

  • Searching for development sites
  • Making legal arrangements:  sales before completion or off-plan; property development contracts; delegated project management
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Searching for financial partners
  • Drawing up budget proposals
  • Architectural design
  • Construction
  • Sales and marketing
  • Optimisation of building use (location, user training, performance monitoring, etc.)

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