Managed accommodation

Hotels, supportive residential services for students, senior citizens, business people, tourists, etc. or medical/social care centres… Nacarat develops a broad range of managed accommodation in partnership with local government authorities, private operators and manager-operators. Nacarat oversees the design and implementation of these developments in France, Belgium and Poland.

Providing managed accommodation in step with changing lifestyles

Nacarat’s managed accommodation offer meets the housing needs of different age groups and sections of the population, such as students, business people, new senior citizens, dependent elderly people, etc.

One of our commitments is to help our customers to enjoy the home-buying process whatever age-group they belong to. In addition to supportive accommodation for seniors, we develop a range of adaptable homes that foster home care.

We focus on designing places in which people enjoy living, whether temporarily or permanently, because they make their daily lives easier, thanks to attractive locations (chosen by our regional branches), the diversity of types of accommodation, suitable comfort services, etc.

We oversee the implementation of these projects, be they new builds or refurbishments. This reflects our commitment to building cities over older existing cities. All of our developments benefit from our ecodesign approach. We ensure the sustainability of these managed accommodation projects by collaborating with leading manager-operators.

The assets in Nacarat’s managed accommodation portfolio fall into three broad categories:

Hotels and hotel complexes

We help local government authorities and hotel operators to implement their location policies across the whole of France and in Belgium and Poland. Our broad product range includes new build hotels and refurbished existing assets. Our growth strategy is based on the deployment of high-speed train lines, which we see as powerful markers of a conurbation’s level of ambition.

Serviced accommodation

Student halls of residence – Accommodation for tourists and business people – Housing for seniors

Our assisted living residences are designed and built to provide pleasant living spaces for all occupants irrespective of the duration of their stay. The locations are carefully chosen in accordance with the purpose of each managed facility and to be close to public transport, town or city centres, leisure centres, major economic hubs, tourist sites, etc. For these residences to become places of well-being that foster social bonding, we provide innovative services ( for example, the local social network We develop a broad range of services dedicated to each type of product in collaboration with management professionals. For our investor customers, these high quality partnerships are guarantees of high value added and tax-efficient property investments. 

EHPAD care homes for dependent elderly people

To meet the challenges of an ageing population in France, we also wish to satisfy the accommodation needs of dependent elderly people. Thus, in partnership with local government authorities and private operators, we develop medical/social care centres, which meet the stringent requirements of French quality certification bodies in terms of environment friendliness.

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