In a few words

As a general property developer, Nacarat supports the spatial development efforts of local governments and communities. Actively involved in all property market sectors, we have developed a diversified offer that meets the needs of corporate customers (office space, retail outlets, industrial premises, etc.) and private individuals (flats, houses, supportive housing). Our comprehensive expertise enables us to deliver multifunctional developments and to position ourselves at an early stage in the development process so as to focus also on urban planning issues.


Immobilier résidentiel

Buying a first home or making a rental investment... Nacarat helps its customers at each stage in the home-buying process, thanks to a comprehensive offer of flats and houses.


Immobilier géré

Hotels, supportive residential services or medical/social care centres… Nacarat develops a broad range of managed accommodation in partnership with private operators and manager-operators.


Habitat social

Actively engaged with public housing authorities, Nacarat has entered into novel partnerships aimed at providing housing for all and at fostering diversity in all its forms.


Immobilier d'entreprise

Corporate head offices, regional back offices, business parks and industrial premises… Nacarat develops solutions to support companies and enhance the value of investors’ property assets.


Immobilier commercial

Multifunctional developments featuring retail outlets, shopping centres in the heart of town and out of town business parks… Nacarat covers many different types of development that promote urban vitality.



Creating eco-neighbourhoods, developing existing quarters or upgrading brownfield industrial sites… Nacarat helps local government authorities and communities to implement their spatial planning projects.