In lyon, Nacarat inaugurates the 11 Quai des Etroits residence, awarded the FPI Rhône-Alpes 2015 Urban Design Prize 08.07.2016

Lyon, 11 Quai des Etroits

On Friday 8th July, in the presence of Michel LE FAOU, the Vice-President of the Lyon metropolitan area, and Thomas RUDIGOZ, Mayor of the 5th district of Lyon, Pierre DESSORT, Nacarat's regional manager and Pierre-Marie LE GLOANEC, Head of Nacarat's Rhônes-Alpes regional branch office inaugurated the 11Quai des Etroits residence situated at the gates of Old Lyon. Developed by Nacarat, this development reflects the will of the municipal authority to provide local inhabitants with a contemporary residence that is well-integrated into the favoured neighbourhood, between the river Saône and the hill.

In Nanterre, Nacarat organises the Topaz house-warming party 06.07.2016

Topaz, Nanterre

On Wednesday, 6th July, Patrick JARRY, Mayor of Nanterre and Hauts-de-Seine county councillor, and Eric DUTILLEUL, the regional manager of Nacarat in the Paris Region, invited the inhabitants of the Topaz residence to a house-warming party to celebrate their arrival. Developed by Nacarat and designed with the help of the CoBe architectural firm, this new development comprising 63 homes and three retail spaces on the ground floor is helping to turn the Petit Nanterre neighbourhood into a vibrant and warm district.

In Paris, Nacarat shows its ambition of developing its commercial property business in the Paris region 23.06.2016

Le Monet à Saint Denis (Architecte : Christian Devillers) et 20 Boétie à Paris - QCA (Ateliers 2/3/4) - Photographie : Y. Soulabaille

At a time when the Paris market is showing signs of recovery, Nacarat confirms its growth momentum in this region. The property developer has announced the appointment of Pierre-Emmanuel Niçaise as manager of office property development in the Paris Region, where 50,000 sq. m. of office space are already under consideration.

In Lestrem, Nacarat opens a care home for elderly people designed like a hotel 10.06.2016

Résidence St Exupéry de Lestrem (Photographie : Vincent Plutniak - Architecte : Agence Maes et Associés)

On Friday 10th June, Thomas LIERMAN, the deputy CEO of Nacarat, Jacques HURLU, the Mayor of Lestrem and Chairman of the Board of Antoine de Saint Exupéry care home for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) and Yvon LEMARQUAND, the manager of the EHPAD, inaugurated the Saint Exupéry care home in the presence of Nicolas BRULÉ, regional manager of ARS Pas-de-Calais, Michel DAGBERT, president of Pas-de-Calais county council and Stéphane SAINT-ANDRÉ, member of Parliament for the 9th constituency of Pas-de-Calais county. Developed by the Nacarat property development company, this new EHPAD reflects the town's will to become a standard-setting centre for the care of elderly people in the heart of Flanders.

Nacarat launches "Altana" in Paris, La Défense 07.06.2016

Altana, Paris - La Défense

On Tuesday 7th June 2016, EPADESA and Nacarat signed a sale agreement for the construction of a residential development in the Jardins de l'Arche neighbourhood of Nanterre, comprising 130 housing units for delivery in 2018.

In Quesnoy-sur-Deûle, Nacarat plants the first tree of the Ange Gardien éco-neighbourhood 06.06.2016

Eco-quartier de l'Ange Gardien à Quesnoy-sur-Deûle

On Monday 6th June 2016, Thomas Lierman, Nacarat's deputy CEO, Stephane Leprête, the Chairman of Nexity Conseil Foncier, Damien Castelain, President of the Lille European Metropolitan Area and Rose-Marie Hallynck, the Mayor of Quesnoy-sur-Deûle planted the first tree in the Ange Gardien eco-neighbourhood in Quesnoy-sur-Deûle. Developed jointly by Nexity and Nacarat, this 11-hectare site, which used to be occupied by the Van Robayes flax-scutching company, will gradually be turned into an eco-neighbourhood. When completed, it will comprise over 33,000 sq. m. of housing and nearly 20,000 sq. m. of space for retailing, business activities and public facilities. This urban regeneration project reflects the municipality's will to re-urbanise the town while preserving its special character as a "town in the country" located close to Lille.

Nacarat goes for property crowdfunding 24.05.2016

Le Quai des Canotiers, Lille

The 60% increase in the number of investments in 2015 and the 38.2 million euros collected* show that property crowdfunding has been attracting more and more private individuals. Mindful of this market trend and sensitive to the values that inspire the sharing economy, Nacarat have decided to try out this new financing method. In addition, it wishes to broaden its client base to include new sections of the population and intends to focus on virtuous investments that add economic and ecological value.

In Reims, Nacarat has supported the launch of Nord Est Start Up 02.05.2016

Village by CA, Reims-Bezannes

On the 2nd May 2016, a number of companies, local authorities, political and economic leaders in the city of Reims jointly established a single ecosystem dedicated to economic development and support for innovative local projects. Located in the Reims Bezannes business park, this ecosystem, which will be inaugurated in October 2017, is likely to join the Villages by CA network, which links cooperation areas between start-ups and large companies across the entire North of France with the support of Crédit Agricole and its partners.

In Lille-Euratechnologies, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of the Doge office building 20.04.2016

Doge, Lille-Euratechnologies

On Wednesday 20th April, François Dutilleul, the Chairman and CEO of Nacarat, and Thomas Lierman, Nacarat’s deputy CEO, laid the foundation stone of the “Doge” office building in the Euratechnologies business district of Lille, in the presence of Pierre de Saintignon, the 1st Vice-Mayor of Lille, Roger Vicot, the Mayor of Lomme, Alain Denizot, the Chairman of Caisse d’Epargne and Raouti Chehih, the CEO of SPL Euratechnologies. Developed by Nacarat, this brand new 5,000 sq. m. office building project features very high quality access floors that meet the most demanding requirements of the major NICT companies and promising start-ups that will be housed in the building from the first quarter of 2017. Designed to specifications inspired by a proactive environment-friendly approach, the “Doge” will be the first office building in the region to have been awarded Breeam “Very Good” certification.

Nacarat reinforces its business development management team in Paris 12.04.2016

Salon AMIF, à Paris

On the first day of the trade fair organised by the Association of Paris Region Mayors from 12th to 14th April in Paris, Nacarat presented the new organisation of its business development team in this region. Against the backdrop of a rebound in the Paris Region’s property market, Jean-François Journier has been appointed as business development manager for the Paris Region in charge of residential and managed property. He reports to Eric Dutilleul, the regional manager.

In Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Nacarat sells an office building to Hauts-de-Seine county council 29.03.2016

Parc de l'Etoile, Villeneuve-la-Garenne

Nacarat has signed an agreement to sell an office building off-plan (before completion) to Hauts-de-Seine County Council located in the heart of Parc de l’Etoile business park in Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

In Rouen, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of the Nov'Adeline residence 25.03.2016

Nov'Adeline, Rouen

On Friday 25th March 2016, Patricia Mieusement, the manager of Nacarat’s Normandy branch office, laid the foundation stone of the Nov’Adeline residence in the presence of Yvon Robert, the Mayor of the city of Rouen. This new building programme is contributing to the transformation of the Grammont neighbourhood, where Nacarat is also involved in other developments that bring added social value to the city.

In Tourcoing, Nacarat and SEM Ville Renouvelée (VR) launch Alhéna 4 22.03.2016

Parc Alhéna, Tourcoing

On Tuesday 22nd March, Gérald Darmanin, the Mayor of Tourcoing and Chairman of SEM VR, and François Dutilleul, the CEO of Nacarat, officially launched the construction of the fourth building that forms part of the Alhéna business park, in the presence of Anne Dauchez, manager of the Nord region for Pôle Emploi, the future occupier.

In Euralille, Nacarat is developing a new meeting and creativity venue called "SWAM" 17.03.2016

SWAM, à Euralille

On Thursday 17th March, during a great moment on the stand of Lille European Metropolis (LEM) at the Mipim professional real estate show in Cannes, Nacarat presented one of its flagship 2016 building programmes: the SWAM* development. It is an icon of the Euralille3000 urban project and aims to become the place to be if you seek a new meeting place and creative venue in the Lille metropolis.

In Lille, a consortium led by Nexity and Nacarat chosen for the fives cail project 17.03.2016

Fives Cail, à Lille

On Thursday 17th March on the WELCOME TO LILLE stand at the MIPIM International Real Estate Show in Cannes, Fabienne Duwez, the CEO of the Soreli company, Bruno Corinti, the Chairman and CEO of Nexity Immobilier Résidentiel et Entreprises and Thomas Lierman, the Deputy CEO of Nacarat, unveiled the outlines of this major project in the Lille metropolitan area.

In the Nice-Grand Arénas business district, Nacarat is developing 2 hotels for HPVA 16.03.2016

Nice Grand Arénas - Îlot 3.5

At a presentation organised on 16th March at the Mipim international real estate show in Cannes on the stand of Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur and EPA Eco-Vallée, Nacarat signed an agreement with investor HPVA Hotels to build the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels in the business district right next to Nice Côte d’Azur airport.

In Amiens, Nacarat launches Green Park, a very "nature-driven" redevelopment 15.03.2016

Green Park, Amiens

Green Park is a residential development comprised of 54 dwellings located in the “Fosse au Lait” neighbourhood close to the centre of Amiens (northern France). It should be completed by 2018. This genuine urban renewal project aims to turn a site that used to host an emergency settlement for homeless people and community gardens into a breath of fresh air in the urban environment…

In Port-de-Bouc, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of L'Arbre Perché residence 14.03.2016

L'Arbre Perché, Port-de-Bouc

On Monday 14th March 2016, Patricia Fernandez-Pédinielli, the Mayoress of Port-de-Bouc in southern France, Pierre Dessort, Nacarat’s regional manager and Frédéric Rouvier, the manager of Nacarat’s Mediterranean branch office, laid the foundation stone of the future L’Arbre Perché residence. Developed by Nacarat, this new residence expresses the municipality’s determination to provide its inhabitants with an offering of new apartments mainly for first-time buyers.

In Lens, Nacarat inaugurates "Solaris", the first office development in the station district 09.03.2016

Solaris, Lens

On Wednesday 9th March 2016, Thomas Lierman, Nacarat’s Deputy CEO, and Guillaume Pastour, the CEO of Carré Constructreur, jointly inaugurated the “Solaris” development in the presence of numerous VIPs including, most notably, Sylvain Robert, the Mayor of Lens and Chairman of the Lens-Liévin Combined Authority, and Luc SAISON the project’s architect.

In Lille-Euratechnologies, Nacarat signs the sale of the "Doge" development to l'Immobilière Nord France Europe 25.01.2016

Doge, à Lille - Euratechnologies

L’Immobilière Nord France Europe (INFE), the property investment affiliate of Caisse d’Epargne Nord France Europe (CENFE), and Nacarat have signed the deed for the off-plan sale of two office buildings in the Euratechnologies district of Lille, a centre of excellence for new technologies.

In the Wazemmes district of Lille, Nacarat launches Camden Garden 21.01.2016

Camden Garden, à Lille

After the Covent Garden development, which began in February 2015, Nacarat has continued to contribute to the regeneration of the Gambetta district in Lille with the development of a new residential complex called "Camden Garden". This second development is situated directly opposite the first one. It comprises 113 one to five bedroomed apartments spread out over four small buildings. Camden Garden aims to create an “original and joyful” landscape that encourages people to share experiences and meet each other.

In Hem near Lille, the "Louis Aragon" senior citizens' residence is being built 15.01.2016

Résidence Louis Aragon, à Hem

On Friday 15th January 2016, Thomas Lierman, Nacarat’s Deputy CEO and manager for the Nord region, and Robert Vergès, Deputy CEO of the Réside Etudes Group joined Francis Vercamer, Member of Parliament and Mayor of the town of Hem to lay the foundation stone of the future Louis Aragon serviced senior citizens’ residence in Hem (northern France), which will be managed by La Girandière. Jointly developed by Nacarat and the Réside Etudes group, this residence will both contribute to the regeneration of Hem’s core town centre and provide a solution to the problem of an ageing population.

In Lyon, Nacarat appoints Pierre-Marie Le Gloanec as Rhône-Alpes Branch Manager 14.01.2016

Le K, à Lyon - Confluence

Located in Lyon since the early 2000s (initially under the name Bati Conseil Immobilier), Nacarat wishes to give a fresh impetus to its regional branch office by strengthening its positions on the housing and office property markets and by diversifying its offering thanks to its know-how in managed property.

In Saint Herblain near Nantes, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of the Yel'o building 18.12.2015

Yel'O, à Saint Herblain

On Friday 18th December 2015, Nicolas de Saint Quentin, Nacarat’s Regional Manager for the Pays de la Loire region, officially launched the construction of an office development in the Armor-Atlantis business district in the presence of Monsieur Bertrand Affilé, the Mayor of Saint-Herblain and Vice-President of Nantes Métropole, and Christian Giboureau, Director of Loire Océan Développement.

In Mulhouse, Nacarat signs the closing of the sale of an office building to Banque Populaire Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne 17.12.2015

Siège de la Banque Populaire ALC, à Mulhouse

Located at the entrance to a rapidly developing service sector district and right next to the high-speed train (TGV) station, the tramway line and the city centre, this building will be home to the bank’s regional headquarters.

In Toulouse, Nacarat appoints Philippe Bertrand as Head of Midi-Pyrénées branch 10.12.2015

Nouvelle Vague - Toulouse

Nacarat has been active in the Midi-Pyrénées region since it acquired the “France Terre Grand Sud Ouest” property development business in 2012. In 2014, it delivered its first residential development in Toulouse called “Nouvelle Vague”. 2015 marked a new stage in the life of its regional branch with the appointment of Philippe Bertrand (ex-Crédit Agricole Immobilier) as branch manager.

Nacarat invites you to the SIMI professional real estate show on the 2/3/4 December 2015 23.11.2015

Salon de l'immobilier d'entreprise

Come and meet us on our stand at the SIMI Professional Real Estate Show, which takes place this year again in early December in Paris at the Palais des Congrès (Porte Maillot).

In Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, the "tendanciel" residential projects is well under way 12.10.2015


Located in the centre of Saint-Ouen-L’Aumone a few metres away from the banks of the river Oise, the “Tendanciel” residential property developed by Nacarat welcomed its first occupants in November 2015, i.e. five months ahead of the planned delivery date. Eric Dutilleul, Nacarat’s Director of Regions, opened the first fully finished and decorated flat in the presence of the future inhabitants and of the Mayor of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone, Alain Richard.

In Lille's Euratechnologies district, Nacarat has launched the Quai des Canotiers project 06.10.2015

Le Quai des Canotiers, Lille - Euratechnologies

By 2017, in a Lille neighbourhood undergoing deep change called “The Banks of the Upper-Deûle River”, a new living area featuring high quality retailing and new residents will have emerged.

In Nantes, Le Passage de la Châtelaine reinvents itself 01.10.2015

Le Passage & le Jardin de la Châtelaine

Jointly undertaken by Immovalor Gestion (Allianz Group) and Nacarat, the project to restructure Passage de la Châtelaine aims to revitalise a shopping district strategically located between Graslin and Royale squares in the historic heart of the city of Nantes.

Nacarat strengthens its France sales and marketing management team 24.09.2015

Dablemont Gaydu

Stéphane Dablemont becomes National Sales and Marketing Manager for France and Tony Gaydu has been appointed as External Sales Manager.

Brétigny-sur-Orge: laying of the foundation stone of the Jardin des Muses development 24.09.2015


Jointly developed with Kaufman & Broad, the “Jardin des Muses” development features 104 homes, 4 ground floor retail units and a media library located at the heart of a new eco-neighbourhood.

In Hem, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of Clos des Poètes 03.06.2015


On Friday 10th April, Nacarat officially launched the construction of two residential developments in the Lille metropolitan area in the presence of Francis Vercamer, Member of Parliament and Mayor of Hem (northern France).

Appointment: François Dutilleul becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 03.06.2015


Nacarat’s governance is changing. The company’s shareholders aim to give the business a fresh impetus in order to respond more realistically and effectively to changing market conditions and to continue ensuring its long-term development.

In Lyon, the beauty of the 11 Quai des Étroits development rewarded by the FPI 03.06.2015


The award-winning beauty of a property development! The 11 Quai des Étroits development in Lyon was rewarded by the French Federation of Property Developers (FPI) with the Design Prize at the Silver Pyramids competition. This was the sixth Silver Pyramid award received by Nacarat in March 2015.

In Nantes and Lille, Nacarat is rewarded at the FPI’s Silver Pyramids competition 03.06.2015


Five building programmes developed by Nacarat were rewarded at the annual regional competition organised by the French Federation of Property Developers (FPI). Some of them will also be competing for the Golden Pyramid awards at the FPI’s national competition. In 2013, Nacarat’s K programme in Lyon was rewarded with a prize for innovation.

In Rouen, Nacarat and its partners lay the foundation stone of Seine Biopolis III 03.06.2015

Pôle Rouen Innovation Santé

On Tuesday 17 March 2015, Patricia Mieusement, Manager of Nacarat’s Normandy branch office, Hugues Fourmantraux, the Deputy CEO of Sogea, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, Chairman of the Upper Normandy region, Frédéric Sachez, Chairman of the Rouen Normandy combined metropolitan authority, Yvon Robert, Mayor of the city of Rouen and Lucien Bollotte, CEO of the Normandy Land Management corporation, laid the foundation stone of Seine Biopolis III, the first business centre to be built in the Rouen Innovation Santé (RIS) healthcare industry cluster.

In Trouville-sur-Mer, Nacarat lays the foundation stone of Clos Savignac 03.04.2015

Le Clos Savignac

On Friday 3rd April 2015, Nacarat and Christian Cardon, the Mayor of Trouville, launched the works for the construction of a block of flats on the heights of the town.

In Uccle, Belgium, Nacarat plants the first tree in Parc Schlumberger 02.04.2015

Parc Schlumberger

On Thursday 2nd April 2015, in the inner suburbs of Brussels, Nacarat and Armand De Decker, the Mayor and a government minister, officially opened the Parc Schlumberger worksite.

In Mulhouse, Le Chrome shows its true colours 05.02.2015


On Monday 9th February 2014, elected officials, project stakeholders and occupants inaugurated the Le Chrome office building, the first to be built in the new Mulhouse-TGV central business district.

In Caen, the laying of the last stone of the Jardins de Nacre residence. 05.02.2015


On Friday 30th January, Nacarat, as part of a joint development with Caisse d’Epargne savings bank, held the ceremony of the laying of the last stone of the Jardins de Nacre residence in Caen in north-western France.

Eurosic and Nacarat signed an agreement for the sale of City’Zen 06.01.2015


On Thursday 18th December 2014, Eurosic and Nacarat signed an agreement for the sale of office and retail space name City’Zen in Lille.

Nacarat and Odalys sign a memorandum of understanding on a leaseback agreement concerning Tour St-Jean in Bordeaux 08.12.2014


By the end of 2017, the station quarter in Bordeaux will be home to an 18-storey student and hotel residence with 2,200 sq. m. of net floor area called Tour Saint-Jean.

In Sainghin-en-Mélantois, Nacarat plants the first of many trees in a new residential neighbourhood 10.10.2014


In June 2014, Nacarat launched the development of a new neighbourhood in the Lille metropolitan area in the town of Sainghin-en-Mélantois: this 4.5 ha programme includes houses, building land, apartment buildings, a school, a senior citizens’ residence and a 2.5 ha educational nature conservation area.

In Lestrem, Nacarat and Axentia lay the foundation stone of a publicly subsidised care home for elderly people. 29.09.2014


On Friday 26th September 2014, Patrice Gueguen, the Chief Executive Officer of Axentia, and Thomas Lierman, Nacarat’s Regional Manager for Northern France, laid the foundation stone of the new care home for elderly people (EHPAD) in Lestrem.

In Saint-Denis, construction of the Monet office complex is well under way 25.06.2014

Le Monet

On Wednesday 25th June, Philippe Cayol, Nacarat’s Chief Executive Officer, and Gilles Dupont, the Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul Construction, celebrated the completion of the structural works on the “Monet” office complex in Saint Denis (northern suburbs of Paris) by raising the flag, a symbolic gesture to mark this milestone in the project’s life.


Silver Economy Vivalib

On Thursday 15th May, in Paris, Nacarat participated in an unprecedented event alongside other players involved in upgradable/evolving housing for seniors


Pyramides d'argent FPI

After the awarding of the Regional Grand Prix to Urban Harmony in northern France, Nacarat has been awarded three more prizes for the following programmes: Les Terrasses d’Ascot 2 in Eysines (south-western France), Villa Aurélia and Via Domitia in Nantes (western France).

Nacarat supports Emmaüs 21.03.2014

Nacarat supports Emmaüs

Named “Le fil rouge” (the common thread), this partnership was initiated last weekend with a cross-regional solidarity day, to which all Nacarat employees were invited.

In Lille, Nacarat closes the sale of “the 32” building 21.03.2014

The Monceau Assurances group and Nacarat have signed an agreement on the sale of “the 32” office building.

The Monceau Assurances group and Nacarat have signed an agreement on the sale of “the 32” office building.

Nacarat joins forces with ekodev and Pur Projet 20.03.2014

Pur Projet

In the geographical areas in which it operates, Nacarat’s collaboration with these partners will help to regenerate local ecosystems, notably through tree planting.

Urban Harmony rewarded at Pyramides d’Argent FPI competition 19.03.2014

Urban Harmony

Nacarat awarded the Regional Grand Prix at the competition organised by the French Federation of Property Developers (Northern Chapter).

At Euralille 2, Nacarat inaugurates the Arboretum 12.12.2013

At Euralille 2, Nacarat inaugurates the Arboretum

The first private building project in the Porte de Valenciennes quarter of Lille, the multi-functional “Arboretum” development was inaugurated in the presence of its inhabitants, the Lille city authorities and all the partners involved in this project.

In Euratechnologies, Nacarat delivers Urbawood® 20.11.2013

In Euratechnologies, Nacarat delivers Urbawood®

In the Lille metropolitan area’s NICT centre of excellence, Nacarat took only three months to complete an office building 100% made of wood for the HEI ISA ISEN group.

France’s 5th Mama Shelter hotel will be located in Lille 08.10.2013


The Lille metropolitan authority has selected the bid submitted by Nacarat and the Mama Shelter hotel chain for the development of an innovative real estate programme featuring good design, gastronomy and attractive shopping and tourist amenities.

Nacarat develops a new mid-range housing offer 25.09.2013


Nacarat and Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel bank, have just signed an agreement on the joint development of a mid-range housing offer.

Nacarat’s Vivalib offer of customisable homes 03.07.2013


By signing a national partnership agreement with Vivalib, Nacarat is developing a new offer of homes that allow elderly occupants to maintain their autonomy for as long as possible.

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